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From the Loving story came The Loving Day June 12th – Now comes “THEM” a story that brings the very real clash of cultural misconceptions about race, gender, and politics home.

Atlanta, Georgia – June 12th, 2018 – 12:53 Entertainment today announced their entrance into the digital media market with the release of the THEM, the culturally uncensored, hilarious story of a modern interracial couple, on YouTube and at

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THEM was filmed right here in Atlanta as a New Media SAG project. 12:53 Entertainment is piloting THEM digitally as part of their effort to shop the project for major distribution. The pilot series will launch The Dinner Party: Part One on Thursday, June 28th with Parts 2 and 3 rolling out Thursday July 5th and Thursday July 12th, respectively.

About THEM

THEM is an American comedy-drama series based on real people, real issues and real experiences in the lives of the show’s creators, Towonda Kilpatrick and Raymond Raffety.

What happens when black Bohemian playwright Nadine (Kron Moore, Into the Storm) meets white computer geek Richard (David Tiefen, Facts of Life)? Of course, they fall in love and move in together! But on top of the challenges of a new relationship, the couple must grapple with every-day clashes of culture, race, gender, politics, age, class, and sexual identity. It’s a hilarious portrait of honest racial conversations motivated by love. But is there enough of it to keep the hem of this culturally diverse family from unraveling?

Part 1 of the series chronicles Nadine leaving her elegant city condominium for Richard’s mixed-race community in suburbia. Nadine works to adjust to her new environs and Richard’s parenting style, while Richard struggles with Nadine’s bi-polar dog, Bling. During their first dinner party, Nadine and Richard’s friends and family come in contact for the first time and hear the story of how the couple first met online.  Richard’s friends wonder whether he can afford her high maintenance lifestyle. Reid reveals a little too much about Nadine’s sexual history. Ted horrifies his wife with perpetual testosterone therapy-induced erections. Jealous besties, nosy neighbors, and raging teenage hormones are the icing on the cake of an evening not soon to be forgotten.

THEM explores the intricacies of modern love, sex, personal misconceptions, and issues of diversity with uncensored wit and humor. With creators Kilpatrick (Cheezecake Boiz & The Diva) and Raffety, director Chet A. Brewster (Verse & Flow) and co-executive producer Daren Gayle as the helm, THEM is sure to be a hit with audiences of every age and ethnicity.

Meet the Cast

In addition to Moore and Tiefen, the expansive cast includes Ellen Dolan (Guide Light, As the World Turns), Alpha Trivette (American Made, Too Close to Home), LaKeta Renee Booker (The Other Side), Kerri J. Baldwin (Atlanta, Still the King), QueShan Haye (Consequences), Micah McDonald, Cain Adkins (Wreckage), Angie Perez, and Sylvia Veith (Homicide).

About 12:53 Entertainment: Towonda Kilpatrick Company

12:53 Entertainment is a boutique diversified company founded by Towonda Kilpatrick in 2003 to create original content for a global audience in partnership with high-end production companies. 12:53 Entertainment brings storytelling of culturally diverse worlds into film, television, web, and live theater.  They aim to redefine cultural diversity not only as black and white, but as a mix of ages, gender identities, politics, races, ethnicities, and perspectives.  Works currently in development include TV drama series Gimmick, Yellow, and THEM, as well as the off-Broadway musical CheezeCake Boiz & The Diva.

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