Kerri J. Baldwin as TAN FIELDS (45, African-American): Tan is best friends with Nadine.  They have been friends since high school.  She is bougie and narcissistic!  She always has to let it be known she is the highest paid person in the circle; however, this is just a sign of her insecurities.

Tan and Nadine share some characteristics outwardly.  They are both dominating figures physically.  Additionally, they dress well and can look elegant.  They are always sexy; however, Tan is jealous of Nadine. While Tan has money, she does not have the style, grace, or heart that defines Nadine.  She is, in some ways, a weak imitation who feels that her money can make up the difference.  She is currently on her sixth husband, Greg Fields, who is in love with her but beginning to be concerned about her spending habits.

The humor comes from Tan’s desire to be at the top of the financial and social ladders even though she lacks social skills.  Not having a true sense of style means she is often conned into buying things that are outrageously ugly, silly looking, or country.  Others, especially Netta, call her out about her choices and her actions.

Credits include Teen Wolf (Television), Skinned (Movie), Still the King (Television). See more at her IMDB Page.