David Tiefen as RICHARD RAGSDALE (52, Caucasian): Richard is a successful geeky computer consultant, who owns his own company. He is a charming control freak and agnostic. Richard met Nadine through an online dating site and after one phone conversation, they met for dinner. The rest is history. Richard’s 19-year-old son, Forrest, lives with him, which makes things very interesting when Nadine joins the household. His personality is down to Earth and nonchalant.

Nadine’s family and friends gossip about her relationship with Richard and wonder if he can afford to take care of a very high maintenance Nadine. His views on parenting are also a hot topic because Nadine is not quite as tolerant as he is which breaks the peace now and then. Richard is dry and witty. At other times, he is utterly silly with both Forrest and Nadine. However, when it comes to business, he is ALL business.

Credits include Facts of Life (TV Series), Beverly Hills 90210 (TV Series). See more at his IMDB Page