Ellen Dolan as MARGE MINDLEY (60s, Caucasian): Marge is Ted Mindley’s wife. Richard thinks she is the best wife in the world. She thinks of herself as the perfect housewife. She also travels a lot. She is very sweet and godly, but has her sharp side when she sees Ted flirting. She has a dark past that others do not suspect.

To complicate matters a little more, Marge is going through the change, and her hot flashes are epic. She loves making love to Ted, but his testosterone treatments are leading to encounters outside their own home. She is also aware that Ted cannot help getting erections when he sees attractive women. Frequently, Marge must find creative ways to fight his public battles with the “bulge!”

Credits include As The World Turns (TV Series) , Another World (TV Series), Molly’s Girl (Movie). See more at her IMDB Page